Dreaming In Druzy

Druzy jewelry are total showstopping accessories.
If you want to be noticed, these eye catching, crystal-covered rocks are sure to do the trick.
Druzy jewelry looks natural with a rough face, are lightweight, and softly sparkle for just the right amount of bling.
Druzy Origins
Tiny quartz crystals form on the surface or within the cavities of other rocks.  Like a geode, such crystals often form on the inside of a stand-alone stone.  When cracked open, a geode reveals crystals on the inside.  When the crystals are small, and look like a coating of glittering stardust, it’s called druzy.
Druzy crystals have a POSITIVE IMPACT on its wearer.
Spiritual & Healing Properties
∴ Calms & Soothes A Tensed Mind
∴ Brings Light, Joy & Harmony
∴ Enhances & Empowers Positive Energy
∴ Stabilizes The Aura
∴ Helps With Meditation
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What Is Druzy, Lorraine Yapps Cohen
Spiritual Properties of Druzy, Geoff McDonald

Get The Look: Golden Globes

Who doesn’t love dressing up and looking fabulous?  The stars shined bright and  dazzled us during this year’s  Golden Globes.  See some of our favorite Golden Globes looks and Wild Lilies Jewelry that is inspired by or a dead match to these iconic collections!

Emilia Clarke’s Golden Globes 2014 Look:

Emilia went for a bold look stacking 3 gold bangles onto her wrist.
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 Elizabeth Moss’s Golden Globes 2014 Look:

Elizabeth’s gold triangle earrings were the perfect pairing to her edgy laser cut leather mullet dress.
Check out Wild Lilies similar triangle earring styles.


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Naomi Watt’s looked like a true hollywood royalty.  We love her glamorous bauble statement necklace.  
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What to Wear: Valentine’s Day Edition


Whether your going out for a night on the town, getting the D’s: Dancing, Dinner and Drinks in a sexy Little Black Dress or staying in with your special someone eating a nice home cooked meal (or in my case take-out) and cuddle up next to the fire watching a rom-com – here are a few tips on how to look like a total knock out!

Wild Lilies Jewelry

Clockwise: Jennifer Acrylic Stone Chandelier Earrings $17, Barbie Acrylic Stone Jewel Bracelet $30, Yasmin Acrylic Stone Jewel Earrings $16, Claudia Acrylic Stone Jewel Cluster Earrings $18, Nikki Acrylic Stone Jewel Necklace $29, Eileen Metal Love with Acrylic/Metal Beads Stretch Bracelet $12, Raven Crystal Studded Hoop Earrings $19, Karen Crystal Love Necklace $13

WEARING RED will make your date’s heart skip a beat and take their breathe away – quite literally! Red is the most emotionally intense color! Seeing the color red can make a person’s heart beat and breathing faster.  Red is the color of LOVE!

WEAR PINK to show off your femininity.  Pairing a cute cocktail dress with pink accessories is a great way to add an extra ounce of sexiness and romance to your look!

Add a touch of whimsy to your outfit by accessorizing with LOVE CHARM necklaces and bracelets (as featured).