Plastic Earring Backs: The Great Debate

To take the plastic off or to not take the plastic off? That is the question. Twitter user Chelsea Smith almost broke the Internet last week with her fashion epiphany.
Plastic Earring Backs

With over 46,000 retweets and 44,000 favorites, there has been quite a mixed review on the subject.

So what’s our expert opinion? Depending on the size of your piercing and the weight and style of the earrings, the plastic acts an important part of the back, stabilizing the earrings so it does no tear at the earlobe and droop. For smaller studs stud earrings or outfitting multiple piercings on one ear, a smaller earring back might be more comfortable.

If you do happen to span off the back to your earrings, don’t fear – it’s just as easy to snap the acrylic back into place.