Stylish DIY Halloween Costumes (No Sewing Involved!)

Creative costumes ideas using articles of clothing you already have in your wardrobe.

You’ve got a closet full of clothes, why not use them?!

Forget about wasting time (and money!) on ill-fitting, polyester costumes, or spending hours sewing a costume from scratch. Instead, utilize staples from your wardrobe and accessories from Wild Lilies Jewelry and style them like we did!

If you don’t have some of these accessories and clothing, they’re definitely pieces you’ll want to invest in. We are sure you’ll wear these outfits again and can mix and match them with items you already own!

Here are 8 ways to style items you currently in your closet to make a unique look for this Halloween.


Pocahontas Halloween Costume


Channel this beloved Disney Princess for Halloween. Gather your fringe-embellished, earthy-colored, or suede clothing and turquoise jewelry; from there you will be able to create Pocahontas outfit with a flair of your own personal style.

Finish accessorizing with flash tattoos and you’re ready to paint the town with all the colors of wind!

My Jewels: Desert Haze Bracelet, Desert Walker Bracelet, Native Spirit Cuff, Changing Tides Necklace, Daydream Believer Earrings





Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Classic, elegant, and iconic – embrace Audrey Hepburn’s sophisticated style from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

All you need is an LBD (little black dress) and our pearl necklace and pearl earrings. Sunglasses, a tiara and long black gloves are the finishing touches you need complete your Holly Golightly transformation!

My Jewels: Pearlfection Stud Earrings, Vintage Fob Necklace


Fortune Teller

I predict you will get oodles of compliments on this look!

Drape a poncho over your shoulders, wrap a scarf around your head, and add a pair of dangle earrings, bangles and lots of rings. Get ready to read peoples minds and blow them away with this Halloween costume!

My Accessories: Tanya Pattern Stamped Metal Earrings, Towne & Reese Claire Scarf, Chateau Poncho Black, Effy Mix Stacked Bangles, Black Square Scattered Stone Ring, Carved In Stone Ring, Rihanna Umbrella Ring



Radiate positive vibes, peace, love and happiness dressed as a hippie on Halloween!

Bell bottoms, a flowy top, and a vest, along with peace signs, tie dye, and fringe are all you need to bring this look together.

Tie a scarf around your head like a headband – so groovy!

My Accessories: Peace Sign Tattoo Choker Necklace, Gold Feather Pendant Necklace, Tie Dye Inferno Scarf, Happy Face Stud Earrings, Solidified Wrap/Vest in tan.


Prom Queen Halloween CostumeProm Queen


Dust off your prom dress or grab one of those gowns you only wore once to a wedding – this is the best way to get some more use out of them!

Accessorize your dress with crystal jewels and a tiara and presto! you have just transformed into every little girl’s fantasy – prom queen!


My Accessories: Glamazon Earrings, Dazzle Me Bracelet







Look like your walking down the runway rather than walking the plank this Halloween. This ensemble is both stylish and affordable; take most of the pieces right out of your closet!

Start with staples from your wardrobe: black leggings, a white button-down, and boots. Next, tie a scarf around your waist.   Finally, top off your look with a great pair of hoop earrings and a tribal necklace.

My Accessories: Under Wraps Scarf, Ashley Hoop Earrings, Stone Age Necklace


Punk Rocker

The punk movement was all about rebelling against the established norm, which is why punk fashion mixes strong colors and textures into bold, original looks.

Take a cue from The Ramones and don a leather moto jacket. Throw on some torn denim, plaid, a skull tank top, combat boots, and some spiked and stud jewelry.

My Jewels: Spike Easy Necklace, High On Rebellion Bracelet in hematite & rose gold, What A Stud Bracelet in yellow, Make A Point Stud Earrings in silver, Heather Metal Stud Pattern Bangle Set


Wonder Woman Halloween CostumeWonder Woman


Dress up like everyone’s favorite warrior princess…Wonder Woman!

Here’s all you need to master this costume: a blue skirt, a red top, a gold headband, and gold cuff bracelets. Wear this costume and feel strong and confident. Remember, we are all wonder women!

My Jewels: Kyrena Metal Studded Cuff







Reinvent these iconic costumes with pieces from your own wardrobe and accessories from Wild Lilies Jewelry!

Click here for even more must-have pieces that you can wear again and again!

Which costume is your favorite? What’s your Halloween costume of choice? Let us know in the comment section below!