Grade A Grad Gifts

The graduate won’t be the only one making the grade.  You’re sure to get an A+ in gift giving if you stick to our Graduation Gift Guide!  Graduations are a major milestone, a great way to commemorate that is with a great piece of jewelry with meaning.  Tell the grad that there is an infinite amount of possibility in the world and they can achieve all their heart’s desires with these graduation gifts.


Arrows and compasses will remind the graduate to always follow their dreams! Our Saint Christopher Medals, the patron saint of travel, will keep them safe on all their journeys.

directional jewelry 2 with numbers and logo

  1. Silver Arrow Earrings $9.00
  2. Golden Compass Necklace $24.00
  3. Sterling Silver Arrow Ring $35.00
  4. Layered Arrow Necklace Gold $24
  5. Arrow Earring Set $18.00
  6. Saint Christopher Medal Pendant Necklace $50.00


Give the graduate a sentimental piece of jewelry with our Whitney Howard Designs Quotable Cuffs and Key Necklaces.  This unique pieces will inspire the grad to pursue their dreams and follow their heart.

inspirational jewelry with numbers and logo

  1. Key To Success Charm (with chain) $18.50
  2. Fly Quotable Cuff Bracelet $24.00
  3. Brave Love Charm Bracelet $23.00
  4. Journey Key Charm $12.50
  5. Love The Life You Live QuotableCuff Bracelet $24.00


Wish the graduate luck, happiness and success in their future endeavors with our elephant jewelry. Stars are a symbol of getting what you want out of life, one must always reach for the stars to turn their wishes into reality.

animal jewelry with numbers and logo

  1. Seeing Stars Necklace $20.00
  2.  Lucky Charm Bracelet $23.00
  3. Horton Elephant Studs $11.00
  4. Blue Opal Elephant Necklace $32.00
  5. Lucky Stars Earrings $17.00

Grads are going to love this jewelry because it can be worn everyday, they will look stylish while they are hitting the books at the college library and heading to a new job interview. Give a gift that will inspire and motive the grad, and look beautiful too!