Got It For My Momma

In need of guidance on selecting the perfect gift for your Mom? Don’t stress, Wild Lilies Jewelry curated the best Mother’s Day Boutique filled with goodies she’ll love.

Mother (noun) – protector, best friend, therapist, caregiver, support system, finder of lost things, unconditional love giver.

No matter how old you are, you always need your mom.  A mother’s love deserves a really, really good gift. This Mother’s Day give her something extra special. Scroll down for some of the best Mother’s Day gifts.  How can I be sure? I went straight to the source – to one of the coolest, most stylish, amazing moms I know… MY MOM (and no, I’m not biased!).

Kathy’s Top 5 Favorites

kathys top 5 mom day blog

  1. Dark Waters Bracelet $26.00 /// Kathy loves stretch bracelets because they are both stylish and comfortable. Her favorite right now is our Dark Waters Bracelet because the colors are great; she can wear it with her jeans, suits or even when she’s getting dressed up. She just loves it.
  2. Arrow Minded Earrings $20.00 /// Kathy loves our Arrow Minded Earrings too. She says they are light and the silver textured metals makes them great everyday earrings.
  3. Chic Crystal Earrings $32.00 /// Kathy says they are simple and easy and go with absolutely everything! They are available in hot pink, hematite, white, and cream.
  4. Emerald Green Cocktail Ring $50.00 /// Kathy loves a great cocktail ring.  This emerald green one is her favorite right now because it mixes metals (gold and silver) and gives her looks an extra pop of colors.
  5. Bound By Love Necklace $45.00 & Crystal Royale Necklace $50.00 /// These necklaces are two of Kathy’s favorites.  The Bound By Love Necklace comes in silver or rose gold and has a classic style that can be worn everyday. The Crystal Royale Necklace is a perfect way to dress up any outfit and comes in a variety of colors: hot pink, lavender, blue, black and emerald. Kathy wears the Black Crystal Royale Necklace on a regular basis and always gets tons of compliments.


More gifts Mom will love …

tote bags mom day blog

Tote bags are the perfect gift for the woman who holds it all together. Whether she’s heading to work, to the beach, or watching the kiddos, these bags will come in handy and are uber stylish too!

  1. Collegiate Tote Bag $29.00
  2. Shiraleah Chicago Cara Tote $37.00
  3. Zahara Traveler Tote $50.00
  4. All About The Lace Tote $32.00
  5. Sequins Of Events Tote $42.00 (also available in silver)


brooches mom day blog

These brooches are anything but boring.  Your mom can use these to accessorize any look.  She can decorate her purse or floppy beach hat with them or adorn her summer cardigans, jackets, and her lightweight, colorful scarfs.  

  1. Owl Brooch $35.00
  2. Pretty In Pearl Brooch $28.00
  3. Elephant Brooch $35.00
  4. Wild Flower Brooch $19.00
  5. Turtle Time Brooch $26.00
  6. Fleur De Lis Brooch $29.00


tortoiseshell and pearl mom day blog

Does your mom wear reading glasses or sunglasses? Then I’ve got the perfect gift for you.  The FORNASH Eyeglass Catcher & Necklace is exactly what your mom didn’t know she needed, but will absolutely want. She can secure her glasses to the bamboo holder when she’s not wear them and she’ll never lose a pair again! Pearls and tortoise shell are classic styles that mom will love.

  1. FORNASH Tizzy Short Necklace $38.00
  2. FORNASH Blanche Eyeglass Catcher & Necklace $38.00
  3. FORNASH Tortoise Bamboo Eyeglass Catcher & Necklace $38.00
  4. Girl With The Pearl Earrings $16.00
  5. Perfect Pearl Collar Necklace $50.00
  6. Over The Top Necklace $50.00


She brought you up in style, now it’s time to return the favor. Say thank you for all the birthday cakes, clean laundry, bedtime stories and goodnight kisses. These are gifts your mom will love all season long, and are sure to keep your status as her “favorite child” intact!


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Happy Mother’s Day! XOXO.