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Emoji Evolution: All The Facts You Never Knew

Emojis are everywhere. They are the new universal language. we see them all over social media and have complete conversations with them through text. They are a fun way to liven up your message or post, and they also serve a purpose. Whether it be a smiley, the heart eyes emoji, the crying face, or the eye-rolling emoji, as a society, we have learned how to use pictures to accurately express our emotions without using words or being in close

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My Favorite F Words… FOOD & FASHION

Fashion and food are two of our favorite F words. A great meal and a great outfit can completely change your mood! You might not think they have much in common, but they actually have many similarities. COLOR The best kind of dishes are the ones with lots of colors! When your plate is full of color, you know your meal is filled with variety, nutrients, and flavor. We all crave colorful (and tasty!) foods. The same can be said

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